The Nuts and Bolts:

What I do: Project Management and Copywriting.

Working for small businesses in their start-up taught me how to wear a lot of hats, leave my ego at the door, and work together to achieve success for the company or client. One of my greatest strengths is mediating between departments and vendors - whether it's working toward product, website, or brand development.

I'm a sucker for the arts. I started moonlighting at a non-profit art-house cinema four years ago and would still be there had I not moved to Chicago. I also served on the board of a non-profit arts organization heading up communications, public relations and co-organizing fundraising campaigns.

I love working intimately with a particular brand, but I find doing freelance copywriting to be invaluable for developing my ability to write for different brands, companies, and voices.

I have an educational background in writing and literature, a chunk of which was paid for by teaching Composition and Creative Non-Fiction Writing to university students.

The first time I actually got paid to write and edit was during my seminary days while getting my MA in Theological Studies. I made my spending money editing other students' theses and writing youth devotional stories for a Christian publishing company.